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Red Kite Academy Trust – how we are governed

Red Kite Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust - a company limited by guarantee with charitable purposes, that is established to set up and run schools in England. It is independent from The Wildlife Trusts, but The Wildlife Trusts are supporting its early development and establishment because education is one of The Wildlife Trusts’ core charitable purposes.

Red Kite Academy Trust is overseen by a group of Subscribing Members. There are currently three Members. They decide how the organisation will run and hold the Trustees to account for the performance of the organisation, delivery of a high quality education to pupils and maintaining the Nature Schools ethos. 

There are currently six Trustees (Directors), each of whom have specific areas of expertise, including education, finance, legal, and Human Resources. The Trustees develop Red Kite Academy Trust’s strategy, business plans, policies and procedures. They are responsible for ensuring each of the Academy Trust’s Nature Schools delivers a high quality, nature-based education to its pupils.