The key stage in our efforts to establish Nature Schools in England is the establishment of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). The MAT will be a private company limited by guarantee, meaning it has members as opposed to shareholders, and an exempt charity (regulated by the Secretary of State for Education).

Members of the MAT will play an important role with ultimate responsibility for the MAT achieving its charitable objectives. They also help to set the vision of the MAT and ensure that this is upheld by the MAT’s trustees. The members sign off the articles of association and have the power to appoint and remove the Trustees. The members do not take part in the day to day decision making or strategic decisions of the MAT and will meet at least once a year at an annual general meeting. Trustees appointed by the members govern the MAT by taking strategic decisions, holding the executive team to account and ensuring that the MAT is operating within the law and its articles.

*Please note: The period for expressing an interest in a role on the Multi-academy Trust has now closed.

Roles within the Nature Schools Multi-Academy Trust.


  • Subscribing Members
    Three people are required to be the initial members of the Multi-Academy Trust on incorporation. Known as the subscribers, it is proposed that these will initially come from within the Wildlife Trusts but that they will be members in an individual capacity. Another two members will be appointed should the application be successful.

  • Trustees
    Consisting of eight people, with specific areas of expertise or knowledge i.e. education, finance, legal, operations, marketing, HR, training, business development.

  • Steering Group member
    Approximately 16 people with skills similar to the Trustees will form the steering group. This is a pool of talent which can be used by the newly formed Multi-Academy Trust to help with some of the key tasks in the early stages and, as time progresses, populate either the Multi-Academy Trust trustee board, or schools local governing bodies (or neither if some individuals are simply interested in a short lived relationship with the Multi-Academy Trust to help it get up and running).